Thursday, August 17, 2006

Modes of Transportation

We had an exercise in my english class where I asked my students to write as an assignment all the names of the different modes of transportation they can think of that is still used today in their community.  They came up with several different interesting responses one of which was a horse and carriage.  I smirked at the idea of a horse and carriage as a mode of transport during the review in class.  The students and some of the other teachers explained to me that truly today in their community, the horse and carriage I see is not luxury but rather a way of getting around. 

That explained an interesting question for me, on several occasions on my way to the Center I see beautiful horses often eating out of the garbage on the street.  I always believed horses ate only hay until I saw them eating fruits and other trash in Maua.  These horses belong to the owners of the single horse carriages.  Albeit the carriage is an outdated mode of tranportation, with today’s increasing costs of tranportation, this practical mobility for the poor could well become more than a tactical luxury.


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  1. Charity says:

    Hey Obi,

    It’s amazing that they still use horses and carriages over there. As you know my birthday was two days ago and I am now 14. I think that the perfect girft from you to me would be a brazilian pony.